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About Znak Emotikon

Znak Emotikon is the children’s imprint. We publish picture books for the youngest readers (ages 2-6), educational books and series, as well as adventure novels for boys and girls (ages 6-12). We take pride in publishing the most acclaimed Polish and translated authors. Our list includes such star titles as: The Magic Tree, Little Nicholas, Horrid Henry or Janosch series.

It’s our aim to publish books which shape the children’s perception of the world and teach them to respect others and love art.


Publishing director - Marta Konior
e-mail: konior@znak.com.pl
telephone: +48 12 61 99 583

Editor’s office – Maria Makuch
e-mail: makuch@znak.com.pl
telephone: +48 12 61 99 516

Press office – Joanna Białek
e-mail: bialek@znak.com.pl
telephone: +48 12 61 99 517

Technical Department – Daniel Malak
e-mail: malak@znak.com.pl
telephone: +48 12 61 99 542