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Znak Literanova – enriches Znak’s offer with new genres of writing. Literanova introduces quality literature inspired by the popular culture as well as bold titles going against the grain, experimental in content and form, commenting on the events and trends of the 21stc.


Sylwia Wcisło - Editor In Chief
e-mail: wcislo@znak.com.pl
tel. (12) 61 99 551

Agata Pieniążek - Acquisitions Editor
e-mail: pieniazek@znak.com.pl

Magdalena Suchy-Polańska - Copy Editor
e-mail: mspolanska@znak.com.pl
tel. (12) 61 99 547

Anna Steć - Promotions Manager
e-mail: stec@znak.com.pl
tel. (12) 61 99 552