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Znak stands for over 50 years of tradition combined with constant development and evolution. Masterpieces from the literary canon and experimental writing; foreign and Polish authors, both well known award winners and debutants; literary fiction, poetry, non-fiction, religion, philosophy, and history—all these are the strengths in which we excel. Znak dynamically responds to current events and emerging trends, always setting store by impeccable editing. It addresses the needs of the readers who seek books that explain the world or provoke intense emotions, as well as those who turn to literature for peace of mind and entertainment. Znak skilfully blends experience with youth’s enthusiasm, reason with passion, bestsellers with works intended for more demanding, narrow audience. Znak is a well-established brand which never ceases to amaze.


Barbara Kęsek-Bardel - dyrektor wydawniczy
e-mail: kesek@znak.com.pl
tel. (12) 61 99 535

Jerzy Illg - redaktor naczelny
e-mail: illg@znak.com.pl

Damian Strączek - z-ca dyrektora wydawniczego
e-mail: straczek@znak.com.pl
tel. (12) 61 99 515

Redakcja - Maciej Gablankowski
e-mail: gablankowski@znak.com.pl
tel. (12) 61 99 520

Biuro Prasowe - Monika Bartys
e-mail: bartys@znak.com.pl
tel: (12) 61 99 557

Produkcja - Paweł Kosmalski
e-mail: kosmalski@znak.com.pl
tel: (12) 61 99 541