Genetic algorithms for advanced planning and scheduling in supply networks

Anna Ławrynowicz

Genetic algorithms for advanced planning and scheduling in supply networks

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Advances in intelligent methods have significantly modified the business organization of enterprises and the way they do business. The efficient management of the new form of business needs new tools. Therefore, this book presents an optimization method with genetic algorithms for operating decision making in supply networks.
This book focuses on both the theory and applications of genetic algorithms for planning and scheduling in supply networks and is divided into two parts. Part I presents the general aspects of the supply network management, with background information on the planning and scheduling methods. The main objective of studies presented in Part I is to analyze the concept and forms of inter-organizational cooperation from a viewpoint of the operating decision making.
Part II introduces to genetic algorithms and presents their applications. The theoretical side deals with the procedures of genetic algorithms, representation, selection and genetic operators. The purpose of this book is to pay special attention to applications of genetic algorithms to the supply network planning and scheduling. The applications of genetic algorithms concern mainly production environments.


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