Jewish and Polish Philosophy

Jewish and Polish Philosophy

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This volume collects papers presented at Israeli-Polish Philosophical Workshop held in Kraków in December 2011. This was the third meeting of this kind. Previous meetings, organized by Polish Institute in Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv University, took place in Tel Aviv in 2004 and 2007. The workshop in 2011 was supported by the Israeli Embassy in Poland, Philosophical-Pedagogical Academy “Ignatianum” in Kraków and Jagiellonian University. Unfortunately, meetings held in Israel were not documented by any proceedings. Thus, the present book fills a gap in the brief history of joint discussions between Israeli and Polish philosophers.

Perhaps it is not a great exaggeration if we say that this volume builds on the remarkable tradition of fruitful participation of Jews in Polish philosophical life which began in the second half of the 19th and culminated in the interwar period. On the other hand, although historical interests in Polish and Jewish philosophy are of the utmost significance, bringing together contemporary philosophers from Israel and Poland was also a purpose of all three workshops.


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