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Racism and Trauma

Oprawa miękka

Pierwsze wydanie: 2018-09-13

ISBN: 978-83-786-5692-0

Liczba stron: 192

Format: 29.1x15.6

Cena katalogowa: 21,00 zł

21,00 zł 19,90 zł


What should we do to work against racism and traumas it causes? Is it even possible? Of course, it is hard to give a elear solution – history shows that stereotypes concerning race or ethnicity are difficult to weed out. However, by this volume we try to give examples of certain situations or worlds that could cause deep reflection. A group of scholars from all over the world, from countries with various historical and sociological backgrounds, decided to share with us their valuable thoughts. Our book includes articles from different fields – e.g., social sciences, literaturę, art, film, or psychology. We hope they will be useful in discussing widely understood topic of racism and trauma.

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