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Dubas Elżbieta, Friese Marianne

Learning in Life Stream The Selected Aspects

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The publication submitted for the review for publishers is yet another joint project undertaken by the staff from the Department of Andragogy and Social Gerontology at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Lodz and the Vocational Pedagogy Institute at the Department of Educational Sciences of the Justus Liebig University of Giessen during 30 years of international cooperation. The reviewed publication is another, highly important indication of the effects of the partnership contract between the University of Lodz and the University of Giessen.

The project of the book was developed during seminars for members of both cooperating teams held in Lodz in 2008 and in Giessen in 2010. The key idea of the book is lifelong learning in various areas where new social roles appear, creating new educational needs. Thus, the publication’s title has been chosen rightly as its range covers diverse pedagogical issues. The choice of the content serves three functions: to present scientific achievements of both teams, to prepare foundations for further exploration, to fulfil the requirement of establishing the basics of the theory of lifelong learning going beyond adult education. The book’s structure developed by the Editors does not divide but. in line with the idea of the whole work, unites different areas and scientific research methodologies.

To sum up, I would like to emphasize that the publication of “Learning in Life Stream”, edited by Elżbieta Dubas and Marianne Friese, is an interesting and valuable project, marking another stage of cooperation between the two teams Preparation and publication of the book will enhance the cooperation and will be a good starting point for further joint activities.
from review by dr hab. Hanna Solarczyk-Szwec
Nicolaus Copernicus University
Faculty of Educational Sciences


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