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Holocaust Studies and Materials /Volume 2017/ Journal of the Polish Center for Holocaust Research Red. nacz. Dariusz Libionka

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This volume contains a selection of articles from Holocaust. Studies and Materials published by the Centre for Holocaust Research during 2014–2016. This is already the fourth English volume intended to familiarise the foreign reader with the newest Polish research on the Holocaust and also introducing unknown documents from Polish archives into scholarly circulation. The previous editions were published in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

Table of contents

Introduction from the editors

Jan Grabowski, Hunting down Emanuel Ringelblum. The Participation of the Polish Kriminalpolizei in the ‘Final Solution of the Jewish Issue’
Dariusz Libionka, The Fighting and the Propaganda: The Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto from the Perspective of “Polish London”
Barbara Engelking, Labyrinths and tangled paths. The story of a Righteous One.
Nawojka Cieślińska-Lobkowicz, Qualified Looter. The Looting Activity of Pieter Nicolaas Menten (1899–1987)
Karolina Panz, “Why Did They, Who Had Suffered So Much and Endured, Have to Die?” : The Jewish victims of armed violence in Podhale (1945-1947)
Elżbieta Janicka, Instead of Negationism. Symbolic typography of the area of the former Warsaw Ghetto and narratives about the Holocaust

Anna Bikont, “A young boy attacked us once and started shooting; we didn’t even run any more.” Murders committed on Jews from the village of Strzegom by AK and BCh members
Ewa Cuber-Strutyńska, Witold Pilecki. Confronting the legend of the “volunteer to Auschwitz”
Ewa Wiatr, ‘Turning Jews Over’ — the Participation of ‘Blue’ Policemen in Deportations of Jews Illustrated with the Example of the Radomsko County

Przemysław Czapliński, The Auschwitz Virus
Piotr Forecki, Anna Zawadzka, The Golden Mean Principle. A Handful of Comments on the Currently Dominant Discourse on ‘Polish-Jewish Relations’
Bartłomiej Krupa, Critical History and its ‘Shadow Cabinet’. Polish Historiography and the Holocaust During 2003–2013

“Germans killed our Jews, so we’re getting rid of them”. The case of Edward Toniakiewicz [Barbara Engelking]
Jan Grabowski, Dariusz Libionka, Reports of the Praga Area of the Polish Police Regarding Apprehension of Jews in Warsaw during May–July 1943
Marcin Zaremba, “That load of Jews is finally dead”. Extermination of Jews in German soldiers’ letters of 1942
The Memoir of Doctor Chaim Einhorn, a Physician from a Warsaw Ghetto Hospital [Barbara Engelking]

Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN
Nawojka Cieslińska-Lobkowicz, The Jewish Biblia Pauperum
Małgorzata Szpakowska, On the Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Jacek Leociak, The Holocaust in a “Museum of life” (the Polin Museum and its trouble with the genius loci of the Muranów district)
Barbara Korshenblatt-Gimblett, The POLIN Museum’s Core Exhibition: A Response
Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska, Visitors Reactions to the Holocaust Gallery: From the notes of a guide

Agnieszka Haska, The Righteous Are Among Us
Justyna Kowalska-Leder, Omnipresence of the Righteous


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